Composition: Tortex 50 | Brand: Tortex 50 Injection


Type: Injection


Ceftriaxone   500 mg

Ceftriaxone is an antibiotic belongs to a group of medicines called cephalosporins and used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections given to adults and children (including newborn babies). It works by killing bacteria that cause infections. It belongs to a group of medicines called cephalosporins.                           
This drug is not recommended for use in newborns with high blood bilirubin levels and premature infants due to increased risk of side effects.


  • Sepsis
  • Meningitis in neonates and infants
  • Perioperative prophylaxis of infections
  • Renal and urinary tract infections
  • Respiratory tract infections, particularly pneumonia, and ear, nose and throat infections.
  • Infections of the bones, joints, soft tissue, skin and of wounds
  • Abdominal infection (peritonitis, infections of the biliary tract)
  • Uncomplicated gonorrhoea


  • Allergy to cephalosporins. In patient hypersensitive to penicillin, the possibility of allergic cross-reactions
  • Pregnancy and lactation

Dosage and Directions for use:

Adults and children over 12: 1-2 gm Ceftriaxone once daily (every 24 hours).

In severe infections and in cases in which the pathogens are only moderately sensitive to Ceftriaxone, the daily dosage may be increased to 4g administered daily.

Infants and young children may receive from 20-80 mg per kg body mass daily, depending on the severity of the infection, usually 12-24 hourly.

In case of premature babies, the daily dosage should not exceed 50 mg per kg body mass.

Intramuscular Injection: Ceftriaxone should be dissolved in 1.8 ml of water for injection. It must be injected well within the body of a relatively large muscle. It is recommended that not more than 1 gm be injected on either side.

Intravenous Injection: Tortex-500 dissolved in 4.8 ml water for injection. The intravenous administration should be given over two to four minutes.

The infusion should be given over a period of 30 minutes

Side-effects and Special Precautions:

  • Swelling, redness, or pain at the injection site may occur. 
  • easy bruising/bleeding,
  • tiredness
  • gallbladder disease (such as stomach/abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting)
  • renal dysfunction
  • Yellowish eyes/skin
  • Mood swings such as confusion
  • Seizures


  • Hypersensitive to the product or other antibiotics
  • Allergic reactions to the products that may contain calcium. Do not give any products by vein to a newborn less than 1 month old.
  • Ceftriaxone may cause live bacterial vaccines do not work as well. Do not have any immunizations/vaccinations while using this medication.
  • During the time of pregnancy and lactation. This medication passes into breast milk in small amounts and is unlikely to harm a nursing infant.
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